Below are the features available in the current version of !Tsuite:

Latest Version is


  Connect to multiple databases simultaneously (Federated Databases)
  Fully SQL Compliant Interface
  Read from CSV
  Read from XML
  Read from Microsoft Access
  Read from Microsoft Excel
  Read from Oracle
  Read from DB/2
  Read from iSeries
  Read from Microsoft SQL Server (all versions)
  Read from MySQL (all versions)
  Read from Postgres
  Read from ODBC
  Read from OleDB
  Get input from Web services
  Write to CSV
  Write to XML
  Write to Microsoft Access
  Write to Microsoft Excel
  Write to Oracle
  Write to DB/2
  Write to iSeries
  Write to Microsoft SQL Server (all versions)
  Write to MySQL (all versions)
  Write to Postgres
  Write to ODBC
  Push output to Web services
  Transform data in memory
  Perform edits and transformation inline while reading from source
  Support of Stored Procedure calls
  Schedule jobs
  Monitor job execution
  Edit only failed entries
  Unlimited number of jobs
  Unlimited Watcher clients across the enterprise
  Unlimited number of Directory Monitors across the enterprise
  Unlimited number of drag and drop (Launcher) for CSVs and spreadsheets
  Automatic Software Updates