!Tsuite Origins

The creators of !Tsuite have decades of experience consulting to improve information management. !Tsuite was developed to overcome a common challenge faced by many clients, for whom it was nearly impossible to access and consolidate data across different, often incompatible, systems. Most available tools were either too expensive given the focal needs, or too complicated to use effectively after the solution engagement. !Tsuite was developed as a simple and highly effective tool to allow clients to access and use their data, regardless of its origin.

The typical !Tsuite client is primarily a business user who needs to consolidate and pool data efficiently. More often than not their company's IT department is already stretched to the limit (if there is an IT department), and so inside solutions to practical business intelligence problems are often of low priority. Prior to using !Tsuite clients were generally overwhelmed by the labour and data-entry required to accomplish even simple things or get basic reporting done. These folks needed a solution that put their data first, into a location and format that best served their business needs, and for them !Tsuite provides the leverage to make that happen.

!Tsuite was designed to be unobtrusive, and doesn’t seek to replace existing systems. It recognises clients with a business focus need tools that just work, quietly and reliably, to funnel data into packages of discrete and valuable information. The product was designed to provide business users with business information, and not require extreme maintenance effort to keep that information coming.