Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here is a list of questions we frequently get asked regarding !Tsuite and our services.

How many users can use !Tsuite?

The number of users or jobs is unlimited. You just need to purchase one license per each server or VM install.  We keep it simple to use and to manage.

What if I don't know how to write SQL statements?

Through our professional services, we can help you get the data that you need in the format that you need. We can help you transform the data and write complicated queries, stored procedures, etc. Please contact us to get your project going.

Do you offer maintenance for your product?

We are currently working out the maintenance package details and we should have something available in the next few months. Please check back soon!

How much does your product cost?

A single server / VM license is $1,500 plus applicable taxes. Most companies only need 1-2 licenses. Our professional services depend on the task at hand. Please contact us for more details.

How much time or money can !Tsuite save me?

That depends on the business problem that we are solving. We have clients where !Tsuite saved them 45 days of waiting for reports, eliminated hundreds of man hours of manual labour and resulted in thousands of dollars in savings. In every single case, the cost of !Tsuite and our professional services was recovered in the first two months after implementation.

In addition to !Tsuite, what else can you do for me?

Other than taking you out for dinner, we can help you with your mobile application development (iOS, Android and Blackberry), custom software development, project management and business process improvement. We can also do an audit of your IT infrastructure and providers. We are experts in all of the above disciplines and within any of these, we can either save you a considerable amount of money or make your business more profitable.

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