Where Big Data Thrives

!Tsuite is a data management tool that helps consolidate data from disparate systems into meaningful information. Its key strength is its ability to bring together data from different systems and sources that have no pre-built interoperability or compatibility.

The process of turning data into information has inherent advantages:

  • There is a significant reduction in error-prone human labour;
  • Automation imparts increased efficiency of information flow;
  • Leading to an enhanced ability to make business decisions based on real-time data; and
  • Reduced operating costs leading to increased profitability.

!Tsuite was developed with the business user in mind, who may not have an information technology (IT) background but still needs to crunch data in order to solve business problems. The software is so easy to deploy and use that the involvement of the IT department is minimal. This important fact has contributed to the success of !Tsuite, because most IT departments are stretched thin, if there is a dedicated IT department.

!Tsuite is purpose-driven and business-proven. Some usage examples include:

  • Consolidating data into Operational Management Databases from HR, Payroll & Scheduling databases and Safety Training Spreadsheets;
  • Creating business-rules-dependent CSV files from Inventory Databases;
  • Generating third-party supplier XML work orders from a local Work Order Database;
  • Processing millions of daily Point of Sales transactions for timely and complex per-store reporting; and
  • Creating TruckMate® freight bills from customer spreadsheets.

 !Tsuite lets the business user:

  • EXTRACT data from any source;
  • TRANSFORM the data into information;
  • LOAD the data anywhere, anytime, in any form; and
  • MONITOR all of the jobs, no matter where they’re done.



  • Any database: DB2, Oracle, MS SQL, MS Access, MySQL; any database via ODBC or OLE DB.
  • Flat files: CSV, XML, Excel; any form-structured file.
  • Numerous Web Services.


  • Row transformations, including altering data or extending row structures.
  • Structure transformations, including field level expansion into additional field and data parts on a per-row basis.
  • Data transformations, including enforcing defaults and data typing, trimming, etc.


  • !Tsuite outputs data in many formats, including all the types that are defined as the program's data sources.


!Tsuite is much more than an ETL tool, it is Big Data for a Small Price. Download your free trial now.