Problems Solved

Here is a list of some of the problems that have been solved by !Tsuite.

Too much analytical effort required to prepare daily Point of Sale (POS) transaction info

The client's business analysts were swamped trying to process a 1.2 million rows POS spreadsheet. Before the implementation of !Tsuite, it took weeks to have per-retailer info (for example how Walmart was doing as a whole). This was the most detailed report that could be produced. After the implementation of !Tsuite, it only takes a few hours to get store level detail for a retailer - this is truly a game-changer for the client.

Need more timely and more complex reporting

The client's internal resources were struggling with the demands of the business to provide timely and more granular reports. After the !Tsuite implementation, a !Tsuite batch process is now responsible for processing the required data and uploading the results to their business intelligence suite where once several business analysts were needed.

No central repository for data except for a very large spreadsheet

Over time, it is not uncommon for company spreadsheets to grow in size and complexity. Data integrity is a concern with such spreadsheets and sometimes errors are not discovered for a very long time. We can analyze such spreadsheets and use !Tsuite to convert the data into a database friendly format. If you do not have a database back-end yet, we can assist you. Once the database is in place, !Tsuite can be used to create smaller and more manageable spreadsheets.

Connect two unlike systems to exchange data automatically and reduce manual data entry

This is the reason why !Tsuite was developed - we had too many projects where clients were frustrated by the amount of manual labour required to move data from one place to another. We can read from almost any source, tweak the data as required and then write it somewhere else. The beauty of the !Tsuite approach is the flexibility, reliability and repeatability. Once you set up your !Tsuite jobs and their schedules, you will never have to re-type data again.

Read data from vehicle onboard system, process into database and generate XML output for other purposes

Most onboard systems provided by third parties have web services or other access points that allow access to collected data, but generally those are web-based interfaces that don’t provide any generic methods to get the data from the cloud into local systems. !Tsuite can integrate data from outside sources into local systems, helping to make for more broad reporting opportunities, and that data can then be reprocessed by additional jobs to generate outputs to connect to other external systems.

Manually enter hundreds of daily loads from spreadsheets into dispatch system

Often clients use an array of spreadsheets and other smaller tools to get data from paper forms to digital forms, but all too often the complexity of drawing on that data creates enormous labour demands. !Tsuite can automate that process, allowing users to drag-and-drop their spreadsheets onto !Tsuite Launcher and have the job engine haul the data into any other accessible system.

Interface and streamline manual labour tasks related to TruckMate

Many large systems like TruckMate have the ability to store vast arrays of data that then become disconnected from the process unless there is a large investment in manual labour to close the loop on that data. !Tsuite is able to hook that data, transform it, and push it through the systems without manual intervention. This saves labour hours and qualifies the process in a way that makes it repeatable and consistently more reliable.

Connect to 3rd Party XML Gateways

Many organizations have a need to connect to 3rd party gateways to either retrieve information or to place information.  This can be achieved by the !Tgateway product.   In combination with !Tsuite an organization can consume XML via the gateway and place into their back office systems.  Inversely, an organization can use the T-Output function of !Tsuite to create XML and place in a directory.  Then !Tgateway reads from that directory and sends the XML to the appropriate 3rd Party player.   All of this completely logged and managed with NO programming skills required.

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