!Tgateway – Send and receive files from anywhere at any time.   Like all the products from JAAT Solutions, they are agnostic to source and destination.   Build by professionals for professionals.

One of the challenges with modern organizations is keeping up with the myriad of information sources. !Tsuite manages the chaos inside the walls but what if you need to have information from outside the walls. How do you do this in a flexible manner when you don't have programmers or even access to qualified programmers? That is when !Tgatway comes into view and focus.

!TGateway is a fully functional 3rd party information source manager with some cool features to help you manage internal management as well.

The !Tgateway console is your primary interaction point to all things !Tgateway.   That is it, no fancy translation logic or other black art skills required.


!Tgateway main screen

Current adapters

  • ISOTRAK - This gateway is used by many suppliers of Walmart to give updates on orders, resources and GPS Breadcrumbs.   The latest versions supports the following transactions of ISOTrak

EventImport, JobActualImport, JobImport, LocationImport, OrderActualImport, OrderImport, PlaceImport, ResourceAllocationImport, ResourceCheckImport, ResourceImport, ResourceServiceImport

  • LVMSensorAPI - This is the gateway for the FMGPS service offering.   The GPS provider allows for a last known location update and as such the !Tgateway connector can be scheduled to get this information as often as is required.
  • Shawtracking - This connector is similar to the ISOTRAK connector in that it can be used to collect or send the entire SHAWTRACKING dataset which is exhaustive.  The shaw tracking documents are hybrids of the OMNITrak System.   The !Tgateway connector can be configured for either SHAW Tracking or OMNItraks.   The three main documents in play for most of the customers are
    • T.2.06.0 - Position updates from the on board computer
    • T.2.12.0 - Incremental Position updates that are timestamped between T.02.06.0 updates   These breadcrumbs do NOT have city, province, country or town information but rather just the Latitude and longitude along with odometer, ignition and other baseline sensors
    • T.3.02.0 - Critical Event reporting.   (Critical Event Reporting Incident Notifications ) Now you can capture those critical events and store them in your back office system.
    • T.3.04.0 - This is the full featured sensor set from Shaw/Omni.   It contains the sensor information along with the  sensor value.
    • T.4.01.0 - Performance Data Extract Events. Performance measurement for idle time and fuel consumption.
    • Macros - Send macros to Shaw to be forward to the drivers or trucks.   Primary use is the freeform messages
    • HOS - Hours of Service.   This will collect the driverclock data from Shaw.   This is the latest HOS information for each driver.   The system pulls the driverlist from shaw, then uses that list to send a request for all drivers to get HOS information.   The output is XML to be consumed by the TMonitor function.
  • TGI - TransGlobal Inc is a trailer tracking solution that has a bidirectional gateway.   The !Tgateway connector supports all the portlets for TGI and if a new portlet is defined by TGI then an ability to create a matching portlet set within the connector is available.   The connector also comes with a TGI portlet testing tool.   Below are a list of the more popular portlets the connector is used for


  • ThermoKing - ThermoKing is a manufacturer of refrigerator devices for trailers.   These units then provide for valuable sensor information to be sent back to the back office for downstream processing.
  • FTP - This is a fully functioning FTP client that can be set to send or receive files from a FTP Server.   It is used to simplify all document transfers for an organization.
  • Log Management - In the life of any complicated gateway management tool there is a requirement to have log files.   !Tgateway not only gives you a tool to manage its own robust logging but also a method to manage any log file.   You set the retention and the frequency to check and the system takes care of the rest.
  • Folder Management - Along with log file management the ability to control archive directories is also needed in a mature gateway product.   Again JAAT Solutions has added a function to !Tgateway that not only manages its own directories but can be leveraged to manage any folder.   System logs, temp directories and the ever popular apache log archives can all be safely managed from one place.
  • SMTP Client - This will allow you to configure a SMTP client which in turn will send text or HTML files to any specified user.   It can also convert the content of the source file into an attachment. c  Controls of the output can be TAGGED in the text file to control subject, from user, cc, to, bcc and body.
  • CBSA_ACI_RNS -- Connects to the eCustoms portal to capture the raw EDI content of an ACI message.   It then transcode the raw EDI content into a usable XML format for downstream processing.
  • Electronic Funds Source( EFS) -- Retrieves the transaction .dat file, decodes it and places it into distinct xml files.   XML file for the header information.  XML file for the transaction line details and a XML file for the tax information related to the transaction line amount.
  • Ariontech - Ariontech is a manufacturer of GPS hardware and software for the transportation industry.  They have solutions for many vehicle types.   This gateway connector will read the location GPS breadcrumbs for any vehicle type.
  • BAT_Runner - This adapter will allow you to run any windows batch job from within the !Tgateway service.  
  • PS_Runner - This adapter will allow you to run any PowerShell function from within the !Tgateway service.
  • Script_Runner - This adapter will allow you to run any self contain script from within the !Tgateway service like perl, PHP, JAVA etc.
  • Email_Reader - This adapter will allow you to read from a email server and download the body and/or attachments and place them in a windows folder.

 Logging options

Both the log file management and the folder management allows an organization to choose the following

  • Delete - The option to delete the file if it is older than the value of selected days
  • Compress - Compress the file in place and leave in the same directory
  • Compress and Move - Compress the file and then move to an alternate directory.   This is helpful if you want to keep a rotation of compressed files for retrieval.   You can then have a separate monitor to manage the compressed folder for further management flexibility.


With any gateway product you need an ability to schedule the frequency.   This frequency can be tuned in some of the connectors by portlet or document, while other gateway connectors only support one schedule due to the 3rd party constraints.

The following options are available.

  • Run Every # Minutes
  • Run Every # Hours
  • Run Every # Days
  • Run Daily @ Specific Time(s) [1 to 6]
  • Run Weekly On Weekday(s) [1 to 7] at a specific time
  • Run Monthly On Day Number(s) [1 to 31] at a specific time



!Tsuite (latest version is has a myriad range of features, including but not limited to:

  • The ability to read and write data from:

o    Flat file data sources including:

CSV files;
XML files;
Microsoft Access database files, via the MS ACE provider; and
Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, via the MS ACE provider.

o    Web Services, via the extended features of !Tgateway.

o    And any of the following databases via native, OLE DB, or ODBC providers:

Microsoft SQL Server (all versions);
MySQL (all versions);
Postgres; and
Any other data source that has a provided OLE DB or ODBC driver available.

  • SQL language support, including:

o    A SQL Compliant Interface that can leverage the extended SQL features of your source and destination databases;

o    Support of Stored Procedure calls (limited for non-compliant data drivers); and

o    Support for inline SQL functions native to any supported database.

  • The ability to transform data in memory, including:

o    Field splitting;

o    Source-side inline transformations; and

o    Flat-file transformations prior to creating modeled data from the source.

  • The ability to:

o    Schedule jobs;

o    Monitor job execution;

o    Edit and resubmit only failed entries;

o    Support for an unlimited number of jobs;

o    Support for unlimited Watcher clients across the enterprise;

o    Support for an unlimited number of Directory Monitors across the enterprise; and

o    Support for an unlimited number of drag and drop (Launcher) for flat file data sources.

Click here for a summary of features

 Below are the features available in the current version of !Tsuite:

Latest Version is


  Connect to multiple databases simultaneously (Federated Databases)
  Fully SQL Compliant Interface
  Read from CSV
  Read from XML
  Read from Microsoft Access
  Read from Microsoft Excel
  Read from Oracle
  Read from DB/2
  Read from iSeries
  Read from Microsoft SQL Server (all versions)
  Read from MySQL (all versions)
  Read from Postgres
  Read from ODBC
  Read from OleDB
  Get input from Web services
  Write to CSV
  Write to XML
  Write to Microsoft Access
  Write to Microsoft Excel
  Write to Oracle
  Write to DB/2
  Write to iSeries
  Write to Microsoft SQL Server (all versions)
  Write to MySQL (all versions)
  Write to Postgres
  Write to ODBC
  Push output to Web services
  Transform data in memory
  Perform edits and transformation inline while reading from source
  Support of Stored Procedure calls
  Schedule jobs
  Monitor job execution
  Edit only failed entries
  Unlimited number of jobs
  Unlimited Watcher clients across the enterprise
  Unlimited number of Directory Monitors across the enterprise
  Unlimited number of drag and drop (Launcher) for CSVs and spreadsheets
  Automatic Software Updates