T-Batch Screenshots





One of the gems of the !Tsuite platform, this component allows you to manipulate source text files for job processing. As you will see, this gives you a lot of power and flexibility in managing your data.

Main Screen

This is where the user selects the T-Batch definition to be worked on.

From here a user can:

  • Add
  • Edit
  • Delete
  • Make inactive / active
  • Run the batch definition

Step 1

This step allows you to name the batch definition, as well as provide a detailed description. Each job can also be assigned a group name and/or a sub-group name for future filtering.


Step 2

This is where you select the T-Loader jobs to be included in your batch definition.


Step 3

Here is where the job execution order is specified, as well as what the job triggers are.



Step 4

If any of the jobs have a CSV or spreadsheet input source, then the batch definition can be made visible to T-Launcher and/or T-Monitor.